MST-1S Stage Manager

MST 1S - The Stage Manager

The heart of MST is the unique Stage Manager control unit. It lets you dial in your desired amount of staging accent via the Unity accent drivers. The high-pass Xover unit in the Stage Manager gives the high-pass frequency options of 250Hz or 2000Hz. The volume level adjusts from minus 10dB to full On.
Closeup listening adjustment switch may be set for on or off.
Wiring the Stage Manager is easy. Simply parallel it with the existing main speaker system on the same amp channel. This works without significantly affecting the loading of the amp, because very little current is required by the Stage Manager control unit to do the job.

Unity MST-1S
  • MST-1SM Stage Manager
    Control Unit
Tech Specs
  • Dimensions: 7” X 5.5” X 2”
  • Cast aluminum case.
  • High-Pass setting options: 250Hz or 2000Hz.
  • Built-in close-up listening adjustment switch.
  • Staging level control knob.
  • Level adjustment -10dB to full on.
  • Amp signal in terminals
  • Speaker out terminals
  • PCB with high-end high power components
Price (incl. warranty)

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